What is EATS?

EATS is a unique FULL-SERVICE supermarket offering


of QUALITY Produce, Meats, Seafood, as well as a full range of Deli and Bakery Items

at Competitive Prices.

EATS redefines the grocery shopping experience by combining in-store touch-screen shopping technology and state-of-the-art warehousing methods with the highly-customized personal service of an earlier era.

Multiple ongoing cooking demonstrations of easy and healthy 30-minute meals provide tastings, per-serving pricing, and the option to buy meal kits with recipes to prepare at home or ready-to-eat meals to take home.

Our Concierge Team provides old-fashioned personal service by picking, packing, and loading your selections and placing your items in our courtesy shuttle bus, the trunk of your car, or your personal walk-home cart.

Say goodbye to long checkout lines unwieldy shopping carts, and toting your own groceries, and hello to herb-lined shopping lanes with comfortable seating and a personal concierge service that brings your groceries to you in a fraction of the time you would spend in a traditional grocery store.

Shop with a single swipe of your credit, debit, LINK or cash card—WITH NO WAITING LINES.

Relax in the upscale EATS café and dine on the tasty and wholesome meals showcased by our culinary team.

Shop, taste and go with our complimentary concierge service guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with our quality.

And don’t miss our cooking demonstrations featuring our culinary team paired with celebrities including professional athletes and guests from the political and entertainment industry!

The EATS Solution

EATS provides a unique solution to underserved communities by: 

  • Offering affordable, high-quality foods with an emphasis on fresh items
  • Combining in-store touch-screen shopping kiosks with cost-efficient warehouse management control systems to maintain competitive pricing, reduce shopping time, and simplify the shopping experience
  • Offering courtesy shuttle bus service for easy access to and from the store 
  • Providing 30-minute meal demonstrations and take-home meals for busy professionals and families  
  • Offering health screening and coaching services in partnership with a health research facility

EATS is more than just a grocery store and strives to play a fundamental role in improving the health outcomes of many in our underserved communities by providing affordable, healthy food options in a comfortable and attractive concierge shopping environment; by making easy and affordable meals realistic options for busy families; and by providing health screening and coaching services to help monitor, manage, or even reverse, chronic, degenerative conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  

The EATS Concept at a glance

  • Full service supermarket with quality selections
  • Technology-driven shopping experience
  • Concierge service
  • Professional chefs perform cooking demos and staff our world-class café
  • Food tasting at our meal demonstration kiosks
  • Safe and convenient transportation to and from the store
  • Local hiring and meaningful employment opportunities with a future
  • Health screening and coaching services
  • Community development and business anchor to attract and sustain surrounding  businesses
  • Distribution source for local farmers and suppliers who need an entry to market.


EATS: Bringing Healthy Food Choices to YOUR Neighborhood
Contact: 800 621 3050
Email: EATS@eatsgroceries.com

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