Thom Alcazar, left, and Walter Kindred hope to bring EATS Groceries to North Lawndale. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune) Mary SchmichContact Reporter A clean bus bearing the EATS logo roams the streets of North Lawndale, picking up shoppers and ferrying them to a kind of supermarket the neighborhood has never seen, that no Chicago… Read More »

Eats Groceries is designed from the ground up, to be a resource in underserved communities!

There is a “boogieman” to consider. Nobody really knows what the boogieman is but, all fear him. It is a scare word, like GENTRIFICATION is to some communities. All neighborhoods tend to either improve or degrade over time, depending on inputs. When Trader Joes grocery attempted to open a store in a food desert, in… Read More »


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