Robertino Presta

Robertino Presta

Robertino is EATS’ grocery consultant. He is currently the CEO of Caputo’s Fresh Markets, which operates 8 fresh market grocery stores in the Chicago area. Robertino has spent his entire career in the grocery business at the Caputo’s chain, starting out as a cashier in 1979 at its original site in Elmwood Park. He eventually married his then-co-worker, Antonella Caputo, daughter of owner, Angelo Caputo. In 1988, Robertino and Antonella took the helm of the business when Angelo retired. The store was 7,500 sf with 30 employees. They now own and operate 8 stores totaling 700,000 square feet with 1,400 employees.

All stores include hot prepared foods, as well as catering with full service restaurants.

Some stores with restaurants include bar service.


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