Thom Alcazar

Thom Alcazar, Founder

A lifelong entrepreneur, Thom Alcazar founded Alcazar, LTD in 1973, which currently provides consulting services in business automation systems, warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, and delivery, dock and global trade systems. Always ready to learn something new, he is a 2013 graduate of Loyola’s Executive MBA program. A Chicago native and undergrad of SIU, Thom moved to KC by 21 and formed Alcazar Sales Co., (evolving to Alcazar LTD) an independent distributor of banking and form handling equipment, eventually branching out to Wichita and Oklahoma City. Within 5 years, he added postal automating equipment, with marketing software. A 25-year member of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, he provided software-automation systems to the top international firms in Wichita including Pizza Hut, Cessna, Raytheon, Boeing, Rubbermaid, Coleman, and Beech Aircraft, among others. He was a six-year mentor in “Children of Incarcerated” program in Bronzeville.


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